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Often we can connect a medflight to a patient's air ambulance scheduled flight and dramatically reducing the usual cost associated with air ambulance flights. Ask us how this can be accomplished to save your family substantial dollars at a time when discounted cost make a big difference to the patient and family. Just another way we make the commitment to offer the lowest cost while maintaining the highest degree of safety available in the air ambulance industry!

Your family usually relies on your health insurer to stand by you and pay for services to cover your treatment and recovery. There are times when health insurers deny air ambulance coverage. At we have professionals with years of experience resolving claims in the health insurance field. Your medical benefits can be confusing and a difficult burden. Our Goal is to secure air ambulance coverage when you need it the most. 


We now offer commercial escort flight transportation with patient lay down when available. This mode of medical transport offers a reduced cost to patients and their family. Includes RN with O2 and other medical equipment as required. Intercontinental and domestic long distance flights offer faster nonstop flights from most points on the globe.

LOWER PRICES for Air Ambulance Services "WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN"

Our Flight Department has made great efforts to lower our cost of Air Ambulance aircraft travel nationwide and worldwide. Now from just about all points worldwide we are successfully Air Ambulance transporting your patients, family members and critical emergency Air cargo at a fraction of industry cost. Our networking efforts have created a vast data bank of critical care responders and Air Ambulance aviators that insures the safest (we have the highest industry safety record) and highest quality of Air Ambulance service...and they help lower cost! Ex: traditional air ambulance flight from NYC to Paris is $105,850.00 and up. Angel-Flights now provides jet medflight bed, often non-stop flight, at the very low cost to about $56,000.00. These lower prices allow some patients, who are thousands of miles from home, to go home now and not months from now. If our patient is a grandfather from Wisconsin, or an infant in Florida they all need help when it comes to cost for their medical flight home.

International Air Ambulance​​

Real Time Flight TRACKING

We now offer real time tracking of the medflight process to families and hospitals so they know the progress of the flight transfer every step of the way.


Angel Flights Air ambulance service will take the stress of medical flight transport, so the patient and family can rest easy and in comfort through the entire medflight process. Our team of friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable flight coordinators will be standing by 24/7 ready to plan and execute every detail of your patients medical air transfer, including ground transportation in the departure and arrival cities.

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Trained Medical Flight Crews with Nurse, Stretcher, Oxygen, Suction, Heart Monitors, and All Medical Equipment.