Safety Record

We are proud of our record with no loss of life and air mishaps... that's the highest safety record in the medical flight industry spanning the last thirty-six years. Our Flight Department prides itself on the important service we provide for those in need and the satisfaction of knowing we were able to make a difference in their lives. "Every family counts on us to keep their loved one safe...and that's what we do!" 

If transport home or to another hospital is necessary, using an air ambulance is highly recommended over traditional methods if the patient is not completely stable. Should an emergency arise, in-flight staff will be prepared and on hand to mitigate the situation. Above all else, patients can rest easy knowing that they can finally go home.

Need and use for air ambulance service Is on the rise patients and their families can rest easy knowing that air ambulance staff are some of the most highly trained individuals in the healthcare industry. Flight nurses and paramedics receive training that allows them to handle pressure calmly and efficiently, which is especially important if they are called for an emergency. Just as comfortable in the sky as they are in an emergency room, in-flight medical staffs are true professionals, capable of transporting a patient from point A to point B without complications.

About Angel-Flights


Thirty-Six years ago our flight operations went from the owners garage to transporting patients worldwide and its global presence today. We have never lost sight of our humble beginnings. That being said we continue to keep our patients and their families first and foremost on our minds. This attitude has allowed us to maintain the longest and highest safety record in this industry. Every facet of the medflight operation is triple checked and buttoned down tight before we progress further into the air ambulance process and transport. Our greatest achievement, is at the end of the day, we have the satisfaction of knowing we did the best job possible on every flight we complete and that result is our impeccable safety record after thirty-six years in the business. We believe you want the best medical attention and also important you want the best and safest air medical flight transportation.

Our Commitment 

At we guarantee to provide the highest quality of medical attention for the patient and the highest safety flight record in the industry. We are very proud of this accomplishment.

We're There When You Need Us

Trained Medical Flight Crews with Nurse, Stretcher, Oxygen, Suction, Heart Monitors, and All Medical Equipment.

The Family's Commitment

We understand your family’s hardships at this trying time, and we are here to help you and carry your family’s burden in coordination of all aspects prior to and after your loved one’s medical flight is completed.

When arranging a medical flight for your patient, family members should choose the best doctors for the patient along with the highest precautions necessary for the patient’s medical welfare AND provide the safest medical flight air ambulance transportation for their loved one’s return to his/her destination.

About The Company
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