Medflight Log Book
Scott B wife called today...she was very thankful we provided a low cost medflight for her husband Scott who crashed his 18 wheeler truck in Arizona. After a time in the hospital Scott's doctors discovered he had terminal cancer. After a month in the hospital he desperately wanted to return home to see his two young children. Working with his wife we were able to provide a low cost medical flight back to Michigan. Scott was successfully reunited with his children and his wife said he was so happy to be with his kids again. She said he showed no sign of his illness for some time and Scott was all smiles. We were happy to be of help to Scott and his wife and prayed for them during that very difficult time in their lives.

Completely Successful
I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the flight that was completed successfully in November of 2012 The aircraft and crew was booked with your flight department and came in last night from Florida to Kansas City. I met the medflight to ensure my in-laws were moved to the awaiting ambulance. The entire crew was very helpful and worked well with the KC FD who provide the transportation here. The medical techs on the medflight made sure Jean and Don were moved with as little impact as possible and settled in the ambulance.(they were aged and he had back problems and she, among other medical issues, a bad bed sore on her back) They also accompanied my in-laws to Kingswood and helped get them settled in. They were great, caring and very professional. My in-laws comments on the wonderful young couple who attended then on the flight making the trip as comfortable as possible and actually something they remember fondly. They wanted to thank and your entire organization for your concern and personal administrations to get them moved and settled in. My thanks also goes out to your company for your great efforts. Thanks to all who made this work. - Terry Rodeghier

Helpful And Attentive
The flight went well. Everyone was very helpful and attentive to my mother's needs. Jill, Quentin. and Ken were professional and courteous. I was pleased with how the whole Med Flight was conducted. - Chris

Competent And Caring
Aircraft was to our satisfaction. The medical crew were extremely competent and caring of (the patient)'s needs. Communication was good and using the Internet tracker was great. The cost was competitive, and the entire staff was a great benefit to our family during this time. They communicated well and showed compassion. - C. Campbell Ft. Collins, CO

Professionalism And Compassion

We appreciated your professionalism as well as compassion. They never forgot that we were dealing with a critically ill loved one. The staff remained flexible as our needs and date of transport changed. Poor weather also played havoc on the planned travel schedule, but the Internet tracking system for the private plane allowed family members to stay apprised of the progress of the flight home. The pilot and medical staff were informed and competent and their professionalism helped relieve any anxiety we might have experienced. We would highly recommend your air ambulance service.

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Our Testimonials

​​Wonderful Job 
You set up the Medflight to transport my Mother from Naples Florida to Cleveland Ohio on Jan. 28, 2013. My Dad and I also went on the flight as passengers. The guys on the medflight did a wonderful job in transporting and caring for my Mom during this process. She was picked up at bedside from Naples Community Hospital and delivered to her bed in the Cleveland Clinic. We flew on a Learjet 35 which was comfortable, fast and could do the trip non-stop. The Flight crew was very professional and even helped me with our baggage from the taxi that I took to the airport. My Dad traveled in the ambulance with the two men on the in-flight medical team. The care my Mom got from the Russ B. the RCP and the second paramedic was flawless. They conferred with the nurses at Naples, checked my mom over and knew her exact condition and needs before leaving the hospital in Naples. Her condition was monitored constantly during the flight there was great communication about every aspect of the flight to my Dad and me. In Cleveland an ambulance was waiting and the in-flight medical team did not leave her side until she was in her bed at the Cleveland Clinic. - Bill M

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